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Berk Cashmere

For 55 years Berk has been known for selling the very finest cashmere knitwear, beautifully crafted with care and attention to every detail. We are connoisseurs of the world’s finest cashmere which we still believe to be fully fashioned, bare finish cashmere made in Scotland.

We use forty-eight hand processes from knitting to finishing. We knit each garment under tension typically using thirty per cent more cashmere yarn to reduce pilling. The process of 'fully fashioning' means that each garment is knitted to shape not cut to shape.

Finally the garments are washed in pH neutral water to produce a bare finish. The result is tightly knitted cashmere knitwear with a lustrous touch which is beyond compare.

Our meticulous care means each garment is fully guranteed against faults in the manufacturing process.