No other retailer can claim to know more about Ballantyne than Berk. Therefore it pains us to see what has transpired with this great Scottish brand, rebranded cheap Chinese cashmere is not worthy of the Ballantyne name. In 2014 the real Ballantyne company ceased to exist and sadly what was the oldest knitting factory in the world was closed and the machines destroyed.

However, many of the men and women who made our Ballantyne knitwear ranges for fifty years or more in Scotland are now employed by our factory to continue making our knitwear collections. We remain committed to theses artisans who maintain a 300 year tradition of knitting the very finest Scottish 'Bare Finish' cashmere. The men's Lorne and Pullman ranges label are still produced along with the Aberon and Cambric women's ranges. These Ballantyne for Berk ranges are labeled Berk London Est.1961.

We are confident you will enjoy our cashmere sweaters for many years to come.