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BERK-Camel Hair Cardigan 4ply

Berk Camel hair is a unique product. 100% natural and totally eco-friendly for no chemicals are used in processing this fibre. This 4 ply knit is the finest camel hair and comes from the Bactrician two humped camel which roams the Gobi Desert and is bred for it's unique coat which is undyed, very soft, breathable and warm. In return for our investment of time and care in the knitting and washing process you get a touch and feel unlike any other.
  • Chunky 4ply plain knit.
  • Plain knit placket, border and cuff.
  • Composition: 100% Camel Hair
  • Natural undyed yarn 
  • No chemicals used in processing
  • Made using only the finest hand combed Camel Hair
  • Made in Scotland
  • Care and Maintenance:
  • Wash by hand at 30 degrees with a neutral soap
  • Dry clean using perchloroethylene.
  • Continues to soften for up to eight washes
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£339.79 (ex. VAT)