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Berk Buckingham Robe - Men

Our Berk men's cashmere Buckingham Robe is the height of luxury.

Hand made using the finest Scottish spun cashmere yarn, our Buckingham robe is expertly hand cut and tailored with an exquisite jacquard silk lining and expertly finished to the highest standard.

-Woven in Scotland

-Tailored in  England

-100% Cashmere with 100% Silk Lining

-Light Blue Jacquard Silk Lining

-Length: 135CM (52.7")

-Dry Clean Only

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£1737.50 (ex. VAT)


We believe Berk cashmere is the finest cashmere produced and is unique to the Scotland. It is knitted under tension on plain frame machines. We use up to 30% more cashmere by weight to create a dense, hardwearing knited fabric which has a low fiber migration (pilling) then we wash steam and board the garment to create our unique finish. In return for our investment of time and care in the knitting and washing process you get a touch and feel unlike any other cashmere. We call it 'Bare Finish Cashmere™".

For over 50 years Berk have been famous for selling the very finest cashmere beautifully crafted in the Scotland. All Berk Cashmere is tightly woven, dense and hard wearing which is why it is so special. It is also tactile with a unique handle created by washing in pH neutral water and using natural teasels to brush the fabric to give a lustrous touch. Berk Cashmere is committed to the men and women of Scotland who make the very finest woven and knitted cashmere in the world; 'Made in Scotland' is your guarantee of quality.